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Angelique was introduced to bellydance in 1997.  Her love for the dance quickly brought her into the classrooms of some of the World's top Instructors and Choreographers.  Her respect for the dance quickly brought her to the Suhaila Salimpour school, where she worked diligently to achieve Level 5 certification in both the Suhaila and Jamila formats


As a performer, Angelique draws on her strong technical training, coupled with powerful stage presence to deliver performances that are unforgettable.  With an ability to cross audience boundaries, she has received standing ovations from those new to the art, dance aficionado's and musicians alike.  Performing professionally for years, Angelique has worked weddings, restaurants, festivals, workshops and Gala Shows.  She was a featured soloist in Stacey Lizette's Theatrical production "The Color Project" embodying the color "Red".  She choreographed an innovative group number as the "Cheetah's" in Venus Uprising's Theatre production of "The Zoo", and has been featured as a guest dancer in the Bal Anat dance company.  In the Fall of 2013, she released her first instructional DVD, "Bellydance Layers: Advanced Drills and Choreography". 


As an instructor, Angelique has worked with 100's of students to help them achieve their full technical and creative potential.  She has taught beginner to advanced dancers, offering classes that are well organized, challenging, and inspiring.  Classes are based in the SSBD format, and are primarily focused on proper technique.  Angelique is well versed in props such as veil, finger cymbals, and cane and features these elements in class frequently.  Going beyond the physical, Angelique's students receive a well rounded education that highlight other aspects of our history such as important musicians, composers and dancers. 


Angelique is passionate about this art form and its ability to express the power, grace, and complexity of the feminine spirit.  It is her mission to help bring reputability to this often misunderstood art.