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Angelique began studying bellydance in 1997. Her love of the art form brought her to the classrooms of many of the top instructors in the world, but in 2000, she found her home with the Salimpour format.


Angelique was one of the first round of dancers to go through the Salimpour program, and has worked closely with Suhaila as one of her top assistants.  She is Level 5 certified in both the Suhaila and Jamila formats and continues her training to this day.  She graduated with honors in her "Improv Performance to Live Music" studies, and is authorized to teach and certify in the program.  

As a performer, Angelique has worked weddings, restaurants, theater stages, and gala events.  She has performed across the country, specializing in a Salimpour stylization of Middle Eastern dance.  Her repertoire includes over 40 choreographies, high level work with props such as veil, finger cymbals, cane and sword.  


As an instructor, Angelique has taught hundreds of students, both locally in her weekly classes in New Paltz, as well as abroad, as a sponsored workshop instructor.  Angelique has created beginner through advanced choreographies for students as well as troupes.  She oversees the direction of numerous Salimpour Collectives across the world and has run many of the online certification courses.     

Angelique's goal as both a performer and a teacher is to help elevate the dance to a prestigious art form as well as bring a deeper sense of cultural awareness and understanding to the public.  

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