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Monthly intensives in NYC. Open Level. 



Angelique offers private lessons for individuals or small groups.  



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Online Classes


*Due to Covid-19, all classes are broadcast via Zoom from New York.  All times are listed in EDT

Salimpour Open Level (geared towards Level 2/2+)

Sat  10:00 - 11:15 am 

Absolute Beginner Class 

Sun 10:00 -11:00 am

Salimpour Open Level (geared towards Level 2/2+)

Mon  6:00 - 7:15 pm


  • All classes broadcast live via Zoom. Please install the software at least 1 hour prior to the start of class.  Please keep your microphone muted. If you would like feedback, turn your video camera on. 

  • Classes are $15 drop-in, $125 for a class card of 10.  (Class cards have a 3 month expiration). 

  • Classes can be purchased by credit card through Paypal (you do not need a Paypal id). 


Drop-in Class

Class Card

  • When purchasing, please indicate the class it is for so that I can send you the specific Zoom meeting info.  

  • Zoom information will be sent out 30 minutes prior to the start of class

Nyc Intensives 


The Salimpour Intensives in NYC are a great opportunity for people who live in the Tri-State area without easy access to New Paltz to explore and continue their work in the Salimpour format. 

*** NYC Intensives are on temporary hold until the Shelter-In-Place order has been lifted.  I look forward to when we can meet again! 

Payment can be made via PayPal here.

Pre-registration is required and can be done via email.

*id is required to get into the building.  



Private Lessons


Angelique is available for private lessons either in person (Kaleidoscope Arts Center in New Paltz) or via Zoom. 

Topics for privates include: 

Certification Sign-offs 

Choreography Development 

Choreography Commissions

Technique Review and Feedback  

Personal Evaluation and Planning 

Private lessons for Certification are priced as follows: 

$95 for 60 mins 

$143 for 90 mins 

$190 for 120 minutes 

Non-certification Privates are priced as follows: 

$70 for 60 mins 

$100 for 90 mins 

$130 for 120 mins 

Contact Angelique for more information on booking. 



Angelique is available to teach workshops on a variety of topics.  A small breakdown is listed below.  Contact me for more information. 

Certification Workshops  (3-5 days) 

Angelique is authorized to teach Salimpour Format Level 1 and 2 workshops as well as offer testing.  This is a great opportunity to bring the format to your backyard, and prepare yourself for higher level workshops with Suhaila herself! 


Salimpour Technique and Combos (3-6 hours) 

This technique class focuses on drills to help improve your speed, stamina, and precision in bellydance technique.  We will then work on applying those drills to various combo's so you can see the practical nature of how they can be used.  

Contrast and Dynamics (2-3 hours) 

Listening to a monotone speaker is not very engaging.  The same could be said for dance.  In this workshop we will talk about adding contrast to our movement - when, why, how...  I will give you some examples to work with and you will also create and demonstrate your own!  This is a fun workshop that will fundamentally change your relationship with movement.  

Slow and Internal (3 hours) 

This workshop focuses on slow movements that utilize the full body to create a mesmerizing shape dynamic.  Moving slow can be just as challenging as moving fast, requiring confidence in the movement, breath work, strength and suppleness.  In this workshop, we will work with a taksim and explore different movements and expressions within. We will work improvisational techniques, as well as scripted moves.  Students will leave with a taksim framework that they can personalize to their own style.  

Drum Solo Choreography (3 hours) 

The drum solo is one of the most exciting components of a bellydancing set, requiring skill, accuracy and stamina.  In this drum solo workshop, students will learn a short, powerful drum solo that will highlight their technique and skill.  

Veil Technique and Combo's (2-3 hours) 

Veil can be used in a variety of ways, as an entrance to a classic piece, as a midsection number in a 70's set, oras an expression of its own.  It can be used in a soft, flow way, or can be used percussively.  In this workshop we will dive into a variety of applications and settings in which to use the veil. We will discuss different fabrics and shapes, and how that affects what we can do with them.  We will work on ways to discard the veil, and for those a little more advanced, finger cymbals can be included.  

Cane technique and Combo's (2-3 hours) 

Cane can be powerful, earthy, fun, sassy, and so much more. This folkloric prop is always a crowd pleaser and can add interest and pizazz to your set.  In this workshop we will work on various cane techniques and explore the type of music it would be used for.   

Finger Cymbal Technique (2-6 hours) 

The Salimpour Format is known for its robust finger cymbal work. With over 78 defined patterns, it is the most comprehensive cymbal program in the world. In this workshop we will work finger cymbal patterns, R and L hand dominant (why would you do that?), syncopation, cross over patterns, clicks, rings, and so much more.  

Arms and Lines (2-3 hours)

Having great bellydance technique is a must for what we do, but equally important is making sure that the frame that surrounds it is strong and expressive.  In this workshop, we will work on finger and hand technique, arm positions, how the arms connect and project from the core, frames and shapes to accentuate movement, as well as arm positions that denote emotion and movement.  Beautiful arm work is the little spice that can propel a dance from ordinary, into something spectacular.  

Contact Angelique for more information on booking. 



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