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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a good dancer naturally and I've never taken a belly dance class before.  Is this the right class for me? 

Absolutely!  I have taught thousands of students over the course of 15 years and most of them are just like you!  In my class, we build from the ground up, and I break down everything in clear terms.  My classes are welcoming to everyone who comes wanting to learn, regardless of skill level.  

I've studied Bellydance before.  Can I start in the Level 2/3 class?  

My classes focus on the Salimpour Format of Bellydance, which is a very specific methodology as well as dialect.  In order to focus on some of the more advanced concepts that we work on, there must be a strong foundation of understanding, which is what is taught in Level 1. The good news is, Level 1 certifications are offered at least two times a year, and you only need to be Level 1 certified in one of the formats to participate in the Level 2/3 class.  Additionally, the Dance Movement and Folkloric Fusion classes are open level, and can provide challenging course content for even the intermediate / advanced student.

What do I wear to class? 

Wear anything that you would typically wear to work out. Usually, that means leggings and a t-shirt or tank top, but it can be anything you feel comfortable in that doesn't inhibit movement and lets me see your body line. You can wear a hip scarf, but they are not required, however no coins or beads please! Typically we dance bare foot, but you can wear jazz shoes or a dance sneaker.  

Am I too old? young? thin? curvy? ...?

Nope! :-)  I've taught students from 6 -75, and all body types in the spectrum.  All are welcome here, and I will make modifications as needed so that everyone can get the most out of class.

How much is class? 

Class pricing information can be found on the class schedule page.