Motivation is for Losers

"Did you guys do The Thing?", I asked. "No", my kids responded as they were draped around the couch, "we aren't motivated to do it". Before I even knew the words that were leaving my lips, I responded "Motivation is for Losers. Do The Thing."

The kids stopped, looked at each other, then looked back at me, "uhhh.... say what now?"

We all had a good laugh in the moment, but I explained that if you wait for motivation, inspiration, a free chunk of time (lol!) or the stars to align, you are missing out on the opportunity to do the necessary drudge work that is required for meaningful progress. The Muse is a business savvy b*tch, she is not going to come if she doesn't get paid, and the only currency she accepts is sweat.

Of course I'm not talking about sacrificing mental health, or compromising work/life balance, but if the only thing standing in the way of you and your work is motivation, remind yourself that

You are a bad ass.

You don't need it.

Motivation is for Losers.

You are unstoppable.

Now get to work! ;-)

p.s. my kids begrudgingly did The Thing, but my oldest cheerfully accepted her identity as a "loser" in hopes it would get her out of future requirements. I may have to work on my pep talks. :-)

Here is a Pre-Pandemic picture of a bunch of people who were probably tired before they came to class.

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